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Civil and Criminal Litigation, Administrative Law, Foreign Investment, Licensing, Corporate Law, Security, Maritime, Insurance, Labor and Employment Law, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property, Communication and Information Law,

European (EU) Laws, American Laws and more . . .

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Our Firm

Welcome to RJ, your best business and legal partner! We are one of the nation’s leading corporate, transactional and litigation law firms, with over 20 legal professionals including in-house lawyers licensed in Taiwan, Germany, France and United States.

We represent diverse clients, both local and international firms, from our offices strategically located in two major Taiwan cities and many affiliated law offices in Asia, Europe and America. Our Taichung branch in Taiwan makes us unique among Taiwan's international law firms and enables us to better serve your business needs all over Taiwan.

For nearly a decade, RJ teams have provided legal and business counseling, court representation for business, judicial and arbitration proceedings in every field of business and law. We have helped our corporate and individual clients like you doing business in Taiwan, Mainland China, Asia, Europe, Canada,

the United States and South Africa and Vietnam involving the multi-cultural, multi-jurisdictional laws and regulations. Increasingly, we represent non-Taiwanese companies and foreign individuals with legal and business needs worldwide.

At RJ, we speak Mandarin and Taiwanese and many major foreign languages including Japanese, English, French and German. The excellent language skills enable RJ attorneys to offer efficient services to clients from all over the world, with highest courtesy and professional quality.

Our firm provides the extensive transactional and litigation experience, and the geographic versatility of a large national firm while retaining the best attributes of a small one. We are big enough to manage the most challenging matters for our multi-national clients, yet are still small enough to provide most effective personal legal service for those small to medium sized businesses that is the life-blood of Taiwan.

Thank you for taking time to review how to use our services productively. We deeply appreciate you for choosing RJ, your best win-win partner in business and law, and we hope to serve you now and grow together with you in the new millenium. Please do contact us by phone, facsimile, email or the worldwide web.

Our Corporate and Worldwide Affiliated Offices

Over the years, RJ has established sophisticated professional associations with many major law firms in Europe, North America and Asia. Our overseas practice involves wide range of business transactions including investment consultation, corporate finance, corporate merger and acquisition, real estate, loan security, technology transfer, franchise and intellectual property, as well as litigations and arbitrations.


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European Union

Paris, France

Brussels, Belgium

Geneva, Switzerland


North America:

New York, New York, U.S.A.

Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

Toronto, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Montreal, Canada


Other Asia Countries

Tokyo, Japan

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Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam

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Shanghai, China

Our Practice Areas:

Our highly experienced and specialized attorneys practice in departments and groups that covers virtually every area of law and offers legal counsel and advice in nearly every area of interest to business and entrepreneurial clients, local or foreign, doing business around the world, including:

Departments and Services:

At our Civil and Commercial Law Department, we handle national and international contracts, business and legal issues, international private law, partnerships, joint ventures, litigation, arbitration, mediation. Most received excellent legal and business training, RJ professionals of this department are specialized in solving all complex legal problems you might have in today’s highly competitive world.

With teamwork approach and full dedication to the quality service, we are determined to maximize the highest winning for you, even from the beginning. Before even coming in, our clients can obtain preliminary interview right over the phone. The complete, accurate legal advice and optimized strategy recommendations will follow after face-to-face discussion, when every detail is carefully recorded, analyzed and entered into our networked computers systems. With diligent, in-depth analysis, we simulate every possible situation and provide the best strategies to secure the highest protection of your rights.

Closely supported by our Information Department through company-wide Intranet (LAN), a fully computerized management and service unit of our firm, we maintain the top position in overseeing the fast changing environment mastering the latest laws and high court decisions over the Internet. Our clients received updates frequently as their case develops, the excellent and satisfactory services in very efficient way.

The members of our Business and Corporate Department regularly advise clients concerning corporate governance issues, including with respect to the rights and responsibilities of directors, shareholders and officers of both public and private corporations, foreign investment, licensing agreement, distributorship, franchise and labor relations in Taiwan.

Relying on our multinational, multicultural, and multilingual experience, we not only offer the traditional practices such as incorporating companies, drafting agreements, providing advice on commercial laws, but also go beyond such realm to serve our international clients solving business planning questions.

We are the experts in helping foreign businesses find local business partners, overcome language and culture differences, negotiate technology related transactions, limit liabilities, minimize taxes, do business in multiple locations, understand Chinese – Taiwanese ethical standards, significance of a contract in contrast with clients’ home countries, etc.

Our patent lawyers and licensed patent agents at Intellectual Property Department practice in all areas of intellectual property laws in Taiwan and foreign Jurisdictions, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. The Intellectual Property Department at RJ (as known as RJ Patent & Trademark Office) is a focused multi-office, multi-disciplinary team dedicated to delivering high quality legal counsel and value-added services to technology-driven clients.

We serve clients in numerous industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, electrical/electronic, mechanical, and computer technologies. We handle Patent, trademark and servicemark registrations, copyright protection, enforcement and litigation of intellectual property, licensing, nondisclosure agreements, technology transfers, strategic consulting how to protect your intellectual property in Asia, Europe and America. Our in-house engineers with specialties in electronics, computers, literature and other science and technology fields work closely with our attorneys to ensure you secure the best available protection for your intellectual property.

Transactional matters are a "core practice" of our International Department, We have the depth of capacity and experience in each of our offices needed to represent clients in the wide range of projects such as the following:

Furthermore, our International Department includes an American lawyer and a French lawyer who assist our Taiwan lawyers in providing quality international business and legal consulting services. Moreover, we employ a team approach to solving problems using our state-of-the-art worldwide communications network, the full range of skills and experience of the group is available to RJ clients on a real time basis, wherever they seek to pursue international business opportunities.

European Law Group has made RJ uniquely qualified and the only international law firm in Taiwan that specialized in Europe Investment and EU laws. RJ has obtained extensive experience in protecting the rights of European businesses in Asia on one hand while providing the necessary and important consultation to Taiwan companies to invest and expand business in Europe on the other hand.

Presently, Europe Union (“EU”) has replaced the U.S., Japan and other developed countries, and become the number one economic entity in the world. Being the free market giant with enormous consumer groups, European Union is truly today’s largest importing zone.

Co-chaired by Attorney Franck Desevedavy since 1996, our European Union Group,

with experts educated and specially trained in France and Belgium, focuses on the issues related to the business opportunities in the highly potential Europe Union market.

Legal Services

A. Services:

1 - General Legal Consultation:

Civil Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Labor Law, Consumer Protection Law, Environmental Protection Law, Construction Law, Foreign Affairs, Non-Contentious Matters, Real Estate Matters, etc.

2 - Financial Expertise:

Corporate Law, Insurance Law, Negotiable Instruments Law, Fair Trade Law, Taxation Law, Maritime Commercial Law, Stock Exchange and Banking, Contract Examination, Testimony, and other relevant financial consultations.

3 - Patent and Trademark Expertise:

Local and Foreign Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law, Commercial Secret, Torts of Patent and Trademark, Negociation and Transaction Settlements, Expertise Technique Information, Search, etc.

4 - Industrial Technology Expertise:

Industrial Consultation and Research on: Engineering, Information Technology, Chemical Industry, Industrial Design, Industry Management, etc.

5 - Business Management:

Business Management, Organizational Structure and Reorganization, Analysis in Foreign Investment, etc.

B. Fees & Honoraries:

1 -Free Consultation:

  • Inquiries.
  • Estimation of Costs (fees and honoraries, disbursements) for a specific case.
  • 2 - Service Fees:

  • Annual Consultation Fee: starting from NT$60,000 (according to the company size, structure, nature of business, etc).
  • Civil Lawsuits, Criminal Lawsuits, and Administrative Lawsuits: each trial will cost a minimum of NT$60,000 (depending on the complexity of the case) or billing by hourly rate (minimum NT$5,000 per hour).
  • Providing legal opinions: hourly rate (minimum NT$5,000 per hour).
  • Testimony contract: starting from NT$5,000 per case.
  • Examination and drafting contracts: hourly rate (minimum NT$5,000 per hour).
  • Lecture on legal matters: hourly rate plus transportation costs (minimum $5,000 per hour).
  • Other cases: hourly rate (minimum NT$6,000 per hour).
  • Intellectual Property: copyrights, local and foreign trademarks, patents, litigation will have different fees. Please feel free to contact us for a quotation.
  • ALIGN="JUSTIFY">3 - Disbursements:

  • Costs for staff and secretary are included in the service fees.
  • Costs for telecommunication, normal mail and airmail are included in the service fees.
  • Disbursements & other fees for messengers, express mail and government fees will be calculated and billed separately.
  • Service fees are exclusive any applicable government taxes.
  • The fees stated above are standard rates. However, actual fees and honoraries will be determined according to the complexity and the character of each specific case and matter.